From today until January 11 you will have the opportunity to participate in the SMF themed mission: Silent, Deadly and Fierce. The goal? to kill monsters with an ancient Egyptian feel, obtaining among the rewards the feather of Senu.

An exceptional item because with it we can forge the overlapping armor of Bayek, the protagonist of Assassin’s Creed Origins, but also get the mantle Assassin’s Hood, a new specialized tool whose appearance is reminiscent of the unforgettable Ezio Auditore.

If you took advantage of the winter sales to get the game or Santa brought it to you, we make it easy for you to get these armors and items: to access SMF: Silent, Deadly and Fierce you will need to have a Hunter Rank of at least level 14.

Capcom always offers great incentives and enticements to return to the New World for adventure, and we have to admit that this new collaboration will delight both Monster Hunter and Assassin’s Creed fans.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne / Todas Las Armaduras

Las grandes zonas ciberpunk de The Surge 2 no son nada seguras. Ciborgs y robots de diverso tamaño y complejidad patrullan habitualmente o acechan en cada rincón oscuro esperando a destrozarte en un montón de servos rotos y partes del cuerpo pegadas.

Sobrevivir a todo ello y llegar al final es una tarea hercúlea y tener cualquier ventaja con la armadura, los drones y las armas es a veces suficiente para pasar por algunas de las secciones más difíciles y los brutales combates contra los jefes. Hay muchos conjuntos de armadura diferentes en el juego, y cada uno de ellos tiene sus propias ventajas por llevar el conjunto. Algunas partes de la armadura son más difíciles de conseguir que otras y a veces el esfuerzo realizado para conseguirlas no siempre merece la pena, así que para facilitar las cosas, aquí están las mejores armaduras de The Surge 2 clasificadas por orden de fuerza.

  Haru en el reino de los gatos

A pesar de no tener las estadísticas de defensa más altas, el Lince lo compensa con creces con un enfoque de cañón de cristal. Lo que se quiere decir con esto es que te permite golpear con rapidez, pero no puedes recibir demasiados golpes a cambio. Esto es gracias a un potenciador de velocidad de ataque por cada muerte que se aplica cuando llevas un conjunto completo, que además se acumula.


A love letter written for all fans of the series. I follow the series since Monster Hunter 3, but there are references for those who follow the series even since the PSP era. We lose the variants of the different monsters, except for some very specific cases, to face us against the new forms «deviant» and «Hyper» which offer a new degree of difficulty. Unlike other versions, in this one the maximum level is high rank. Despite all this I think the game is highly recommended. Undoubtedly my favorite version at the moment.

I knew of the existence of this franchise but did not call much attention but after my brother bought the MH4U I realized what I had missed plus it was on sale so I decided to buy it and with almost 25 hours of gameplay I do not regret anything, the shipment as always was fast and smooth.

  Movistar orange is the new black

Monster Hunter is a whole hunting experience, one of the deepest that can be in the video game industry, with everything and what its meaning entails. Beyond going to kill wild beasts in the game, we will learn everything about being a hunter in a hostile world that is not willing to forgive you for your mistakes. From knowing what type of weapon and armor to carry, the combat style to adopt or the items to take to the battlefield, to the way in which weapons and armor must be improved or forged, and even the way in which the items that will be used for the creation of items and equipment must be collected.


Something very important in Monster Hunter World is that, although it has a big focus on multiplayer and will automatically search for a session when you are connected to the Internet, it is not a product that has to be permanently connected to work -an advantage for all those who want a totally isolated experience-.

Hunting is much more than just getting to a map and pressing buttons in front of a colossal monster. Planning is key to success, so you’ll have to experiment with all sorts of combinations of herbs, mushrooms and bugs to create potions that heal you and improve your combat stats. Never forget to eat some of the delicious dishes that the felynes have near the market and also remember to prepare traps and other artifacts that will help you limit the abundant movements of your elusive targets.

  Explota 10 globos dorados

In the field, as in other installments of the series, you won’t immediately find your target, but will have to search for tracks and other clues to get to the location. In favor of accessibility and user comfort are the lazarillos, a miniature army of fireflies that will highlight the elements you can collect from your environment and that will link the clues that lead you to your objective. You might think that the lazarillos are a perk that detracts from the challenge of the experience, but I found them to be a plus because of how intricate the maps can be and because they keep you from wasting too many minutes going around in circles so that there is a good balance between exploration, tracking and combat with chases.

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