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Mass Effect: Andromeda’ may not exactly be the ‘Mass Effect’ that all fans of the series have been waiting for, but it’s also not the disaster that many are predicting after having seen the storm of memes about its facial animations that has been unleashed before its release. In fact, the game as a whole is fun and manages to quench that crazy thirst we had for a return to this universe.

That’s where we come in and the story begins to unfold. A story in which we will assume the role of one of the Ryder siblings (Sarah or Scott, we will choose when we start), turned into a Pioneer by force, and thanks to which we will meet three new races.

The plot, despite not being too well written, has two or three interesting twists, one of them particularly frightening. In any case, it does not manage to match what was achieved by the Bioware team led by Casey Hudson in the previous titles. A fact: the director of ‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ is Mac Walters, precisely the one in charge of writing installments two and three of the original trilogy, which this time has given the position of screenwriter to Chris Schlerf. A change that, apparently, has not sat very well with the game.

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Mass effect andromeda ps4 review

Electronic Arts has officially announced that a new Mass Effect game is already in development and that it is being handled by a team of veteran developers from BioWare, although for the moment they have not been able to give more details about it, so we do not even know the platforms on which it will be released.

«A team of veterans has been working on shaping the next chapter of the Mass Effect universe,» said BioWare’s Casey Hudson. «We’re still in the early stages of its development and I can’t say more yet, but we’re eager to share more details with you.

All Mass Effect gamesMass Effect 4 is the fourth installment of the action role-playing saga developed by BioWare, which will take us into space and continue the adventures of the Normandy. Although Electronic Arts has officially announced that there is already a new game in development and that a team of veteran developers from BioWare is in charge of it, they have not been able to give more details about it for the moment.

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Mass effect legendary edition can i run it

It seems that the next Mass Effect game will not use the Frostbite engine, but will be developed with Unreal Engine 5. The main source of this news is a job posting for a technical director on EA’s website. It has also been corroborated by Jeff Grubb of GamesBeat.

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BioWare ya se ha adentrado en la nueva generación de juegos con su último videojuego de rol de acción conocido como Dragon Age: Inquisition, que llegó al mercado el mes pasado y desde entonces ha cosechado muchos elogios ( Sin embargo, los jugadores están más ansiosos por ver el próximo título de Mass Effect de nueva generación del estudio ( en todo su esplendor. Aunque las noticias y las filtraciones sobre el juego son escasas, acaba de surgir un rumor que afirma que el próximo título de Mass Effect tendrá una escala épica y se centrará mucho más en la exploración que cualquier otro título anterior de la serie de videojuegos de acción de ciencia ficción en tercera persona más aclamada por la crítica.

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BioWare ha sido bastante reticente a la hora de hablar de la próxima y esperada entrega de su famosa serie de videojuegos de ciencia ficción. Aparte de anunciar que el próximo Mass Effect utilizaría el motor Frostbite 3 para su desarrollo, al igual que Dragon Age: Inquisition, en noviembre de 2012, y de dar algunos detalles ( y un arte conceptual en la Electronic Entertainment Expo de este año ( Electronic Entertainment Expo, la desarrolladora de videojuegos canadiense no ha dado muchos detalles, y esto es seguramente porque todavía queda mucho tiempo antes de que podamos tener finalmente el juego en nuestras manos.

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