The LEGO Movie 2 The Video Game – English Gameplay

There are many side activities in the Outer Worlds, called Tasks. This The Outer Worlds Task Guide tells you where to find all the Task missions we’ve discovered on our journey, along with tips for completing the more difficult tasks and the rewards available for doing so.

She is inside the plant. You can talk to her and she pays the fees up front, no problem. However, if you have already talked to Conrad, you can talk to her again and ask her about the Gold Teeth. Nothing else happens, just an option.

Now you can go back to Silas. You don’t need to dig up the corpse looking for the gold teeth, as you have already found them. You get some experience points, 300 Bits and reputation from Spacer Choice. You can persuade him for 150 Bits more.

Talk to Celia Robbins in the Monarch Stellar office in Monarch. Talk to Sebastian, you can persuade [30] him to go on a date. You get the reputation of Monarch Stellar Industries and some XP.

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The LEGO Movie 2 The Videogame – English Gameplay

We tested this method thoroughly. We stored elements from the beginning of the game and they were not touched at the end of the game. We also tried storing many items in one place, again with no problems. However, be careful not to exceed the limits.

From here you can store items directly from your inventory. They will not disappear over time. This same method works with any container that has the transfer options, just be careful not to overload each container in case you get an error in your game.

Spectacular video of a trip around the world.

Needless to say that to start the mission we must have access to Enkanomiya. Within this region we must find Date. This ghost will be on the island to the right of Dainichi. The recommended thing to save time is to go to the teleport point located in the northeast area of the island, next before the entrance to what appears to be a temple.

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We must activate the White Night mode thanks to the pillar we have next to it and activate the triangular mechanism in front of us by means of a weapon blow. This will move the outer maze walls of the maze. We repeat the action with the mechanism on the right that allows us to move the central walls. The goal is to make the maze look as it does in the following image.

Completing the maze is only the first step to finish the mission. Once achieved, Date gives us a key that we will use to find his Medal. We must move to the Heart of the Serpent and open a door in the form of a grille with the aforementioned key.

The LEGO Movie 2 The Video Game – English Gameplay

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